Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Stop me, before I kill again

December is always terrible for my pocketbook. I never know what to buy my 67 million* relatives for Christmas, so I distract myself by buying little presents for myself. Then I buy gifts for everyone on, like, December 23.

Latest damage: the hoodie at right, bought at a charming little store called Karmaloop and made by a charming brand called Gentle Fawn. I destroy sweatshirts with remarkable speed, so whenever I can get a nice one for $40, you can bet I'll spring for it. Also, this model is as cute as a button and I have a not-so-secret girl crush on her.

*Ok, I exaggerated a bit. I only have 66 million relatives who are expecting Christmas gifts.


drwende said...

Ooooh -- now you have me developing a serious weakness for Karmaloop's Artful Dodger embroidered cardigan. I may have to develop a fatal passion for British luxury-brand men's "street" fashion. This will be All Your Fault.

Forever Chic said...

oh Wende, I would be so very tickled if you ordered that cardigan. I say you go for it!