Monday, December 17, 2007

I saw the sign (and boy, was it shiny!)

I love gilded signs. They seem to be reserved for law firms, title companies, stately old hotels and European pubs. They lend the business a sense of gravitas, even if it's just a crummy little law office or vomit-encrusted drinking hole.

I actually think gold and a lot of other metals look better as they age. New, bright gold - especially fake gold - can look tawdry. But aged gold has had its disposition mellowed out; it whispers softly rather than screaming "hip-hop diva" or "blinged-out soccer mom."

Anyway, using cool gilded signs as inspiration, I looked for aged metal jewelry on etsy. I don't know if you know this, but etsy is a treasure trove of artists who find vintage jewelry elements (beads, broaches, pendants, watch fobs, keys, what have you) and brilliantly rework it. I pretty much have to change my pants after I browse through my favorite sellers' stores.

Golden pheasant necklace, $35
This, folks, is the necklace that started it all. I bought it recently and cannot take it off. Lucky for you, there's another one available. Well worth $35!

MaryBeth necklace, $29

Paint it Gold earrings, $32
Though the brass is heavily oxidized in this picture, you could carefully polish it for a more golden patina.

'Gin' necklace, $38
This is perhaps my favorite of the bunch. Be the envy of all your friends on Friday and Saturday nights! (or whatever other nights you drink...I'm not judging.)

'You are my nectar' necklace, $84

[The gilded signs at the top of the post are from my Flickr favorites.]

Note: You'll notice this post is labeled "old crap." That is not a dig at any of the beautiful objects described herein; rather, it's my cheeky nickname for all the antique objects I absolutely love, covet, stroke lovingly, etc.

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