Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rock and Roll Lifestyle

Wende suggested we all make a Top 10 (or 11) list of our winter clothing items, and since I do everything Wende says, I complied.

(Rambling Side Note) I hate in fashion books where the author recommends "wardrobe staples" like black dress pants, plain black pumps, and a crisp white shirt. I have all those items, and I wear them about once a year, if that. Mostly, they sit in my closet and remind me of the time I had a job that required business casual attire. With my current lifestyle, I can get away with flip-flops and a T-shirt 60% of the time, and a bikini and flip-flops 30 percent. And the other 10%, I'm nekkid. Maybe in the winter I'll throw a hoodie over the whole ensemble. (this makes me sound like a hobo and/or a beach bum, but....uh...I work in a creative profession, k?)

Someone needs to write a fashion book for people like me. It would talk about hot jeans, comfy tees, shoes you can dance in for six hours straight, sweaters you can throw in the dryer, and how to avoid spending all your money at Anthropologie. (End of Rambling Side Note)

Anyway, in this vein, I tried to make my Top 10 not totally boring.

1. Blush pink push-up bra that I like to show to my friends because it's so cute (dear friends: are you tired of getting flashed? No? OK.)
2. Flannel PJs from my grandma, for lounging/sleeping/"I don't give a fuck" days
3. Kiss Me mascara (slogan: Don't Paint Your Lashes, Tube Them!). It's amazing. Tube your lashes, indeed.
4. ACDC T-shirt. I don't wear it all that much, I just...have it. My Interpol T-shirt would go in this category also.
5. Dark wash, curve-hugging jeans (gotta highlight mah junk in the trunk)
6. Metallic ballet flats
7. Easy-to-wear high heels - this is totally a toss-up between my Dolce Vita peep-toes and BCBG T-straps
8. Black scoopneck sweater. It's totally acrylic and from Express, but it fits like a glove and seems to be aging just fine
9. Hamster undies (come to think of it, I haven't seen these for awhile. If my ex stole them, he's gonna have to die)
10. A fun scarf I can wear in a messy knot. It makes me look like a breezy, cosmopolitan person who just doesn't have time to tie a perfect knot, when in reality I'm a stuck-up bitch. Also, it keeps my neck warm.

Honorary mentions: fitted t-shirts in jewel tones; any and all items of clothing stolen from present or past boyfriends; cubic zirconia stud earrings; my black silk Karanina dress.

P.S. I don't actually wear T-shirts and flip-flops to work. I'm just saying, I could.

P.P.S. Just for the record, I have on black heels, gray wool dress pants, a white eyelet blouse, and a pink corduroy blazer today. But only because there's an industry mixer after work and they asked for cocktail/business casual attire.

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Alana in Canada said...

Bravo! A Great list and not at all boring.