Monday, December 10, 2007

Purple Shoesies!

My latest frivolous footwear purchase is a pair of PURPLE! PATENT LEATHER! T-STRAP HEELS! They are fabulous. I found them at DSW* for 40 bucks. When I brought them home, I realized they are uncannily similar to these Dolce Vita T-straps at (see left), which I have been lusting after lately (complete with happy tail-wagging and excited grunting). Except mine have a rounder toe and a slightly lower, much chunkier heel. Mine also have white contrast stitching.

In theory, purple shoes are totally bizarre. But they actually look really nice with jeans and aren't OMG PURPLE - they're pretty subtle (despite being shiny) and a nice variation on the usual black or brown.

And, they suit me.

when I was younger, I was completely averse to dark (especially black) shoes. I kid you not. Perhaps it's because I have alabaster skin and light blonde hair - I can't successfully wear black shoes unless I have a good amount of black elsewhere in the outfit. Brown, metallic, burgundy, gray, or purple shoes are less severe, and compliment my skin and hair without drawing the eye directly to my feet.**

Oh yeah, and I also noticed that purple shoes are everywhere:

(The last pair are made by Frye and available here; the others are at Zappos and can be browsed here.)

So hey, maybe give some purple shoes a try? They're not as weird as they first seem. More importantly, we'll be shoe buddies.

* DSW is right next to Marshall's, where I was stocking up on undies, bras and kitchen knives (helloooo weird combinations). I think I need to have DSW permanently ban me or something, but then how would I satisfy my shoe cravings?

** As a child, I remember wearing pastel-colored leather strappy sandals and, later, Converse low-tops in slate blue and a very small plum-and-white checkered pattern. Later, in my early teens, I branched out to buying shoes at Ross/Marshalls - a bad idea, on the whole, but to my credit, I once found a pair of scandalously cheap, very cute Doc Martens Mary Janes there. Yes, they are black. I still wear and enjoy those Docs, whose awesomeness and comfort show no signs of abating.

[ Dolce Vita T-straps, $138 at ]

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SGM said...

Are you humping the shoes too? :)
LOVE t-straps and those Guess ones from zappos. I'm going to have to go check out DSW, man.