Thursday, December 13, 2007

If the boot fits...

There exist certain unassailable truths.

Burritos taste best when you're drunk at 2 am.

Traffic in LA is always worse than you could ever imagine or expect.

As boring, stupid or low-paying your job is, there are lots of people doing much worse.

Right when you least expect it, Nordstrom will hit you with an amazing deal.

So, I was in Nordstrom today to get a gift card for someone as a Christmas present. I browsed the shoe section real quick, just for kicks, and I couldn't help but wander over to a sad little corner of where there were sale boots. Most of the boots were hideous cast-offs, but then...hello! I spotted some supple leather and tugged at a tall black boot.

Anyway, long story short, these boots are amazing, they fit and look great, and I got them for $138 (50% off). Oh and they're Michael Kors. Hooooooooly shit.

I can only conclude that I have superior shopping karma.

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