Friday, December 21, 2007

24-Hour Party People

I went to a party sponsored by Belvedere Vodka last night. I wore a purple minidress, gray tights bought at Ross during my lunch hour, and my knee-high black boots (it looked cute, I swear). It was the first time the boyfriend had seen my new boots, and he wasted no time in describing then as "fuck-me boots" in between sips of free dirty martinis and vodka-cranberries.

But they don't have a stiletto heel! I protested. And the toe is only slightly pointy! And they're not made of that terrible, slightly shiny fake leather that many mass-market boots are made of!

So I guess any knee-high boots are automatically fuck-me boots. I suppose I'm ok with this, considering I wear them under pants most of the time and the knee-high aspect doesn't even register.

Also, at the party (which was stuffed with lovely little twentysomethings, of course), a VERY wide margin of women were wearing very similar boots - with skirts and dresses, of course.

However, I was the only one wearing gray tights, not black. I win.

(The hotel's decor was fantastic, by the way - I'm so angry I didn't bring my camera. The VIP area had wonderfully wide, shiny, tufted black pleather couches/lounges, cool little tables and a great view of the dance floor. And the bottle service menu thingie was chock-full of $2,000 wines. Oh and there were hilariously campy go-go dancers who changed outfits about every 20 minutes. Fun!)

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drwende said...

You definitely win -- purple and gray is much more sophisticated than whatever-with-black.

We should declare this the year of Black Is Not Your Only Neutral.