Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Love Letter

I met the most amazing woman yesterday. Ok, she's my new gynecologist. I love her. She's got a slick accent (Israeli maybe?), a brash yet educated and rational way of speaking, and a beautiful office.

I could go on and on about the office.

The actual exam room felt like a fucking spa. It was painted a warm tan, with an accent wall (!) in a pretty putty color. The floor had the appearance of nubbly brown slate. Plants and little ethnic touches were everywhere, offsetting the posters with pregnant bellies and reproductive systems and stuff. There was a large window looking out on the sunset.


The stirrups had cozies! Little blue silk covers with a little fringe of beads. No cold plastic here, no siree. I totally laughed at the mental image of a nurse (or the doctor herself) buying the cozies and slipping them over the cold, uninviting stirrups. Heh.

Oh yeah, and there was a cute accent chair with an accent pillow that I recognized from Pier 1. The pillow was brown, with large dots organized in a grid pattern, in various coordinating shades of brown/blue/tan. Tasteful stuff.

And they gave me little ankle socks to keep my little feetsies warm. Whoo-hoo, free socks!

The doctor totally got me excited about SAFE! SEX! And getting tested! And called me a "strong, healthy woman!" Yeah! And she wrote an insanely long list of infections my boyfriend should get tested for! And I'm totally gonna spray it with perfume and hand it to him!

Sometimes, it's the little things that matter.

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