Monday, December 3, 2007

Good Taste Runs in the Family

My older cousin (this guy) flew in on Wednesday for a visit. We ate at excellent restaurants, got rained on while exploring the marina, and even headed up to Los Angeles to see improv comedy performed by the Upright Citizen's Brigade. We also saw a couple movies and he got to try my garlicky cheesy potatoes.

All in all, a good visit. And the man was so enamored with the design of my apartment, he wants me to go to Portland to decorate his own home! I'm flattered, but doesn't designing for a family member seem like a risky proposition? Though I haven't seen pictures of his place, I've heard it's beautiful and full of potential. But I can see my cousin sighing with disgust (or erupting with frustration) as I show him a piece of furniture he considers too expensive, or ugly, or just not his style. And as my decorating style is decidedly feminine, I'm not sure how well I would do choosing a decorating scheme for a 30-ish bachelor - a man, I might add, who has lived in his newly purchased apartment for over a year without even attempting to decorate.

Still, I love projects, I love doing favors for people who will (hopefully) appreciate them, and I was fishing around for an excuse to go to Portland over Christmas.



drwende said...

Very cool, very flattering, very scary.

You'll do great, and it's excuse to go to Portland.

CQ in DC said...

you should definitely go. sometimes people just need a nudge in the right direction, and if he loves your place, I'm sure he'll love your advice on his place. I've helped friends redo/rearrange their houses and it has always been a fun process.

lindsey said...

GO. for god's sake, go.