Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh God, the Choices

I'm pretty excited for my work's holiday party tomorrow. I'll be rocking my black Karanina dress, favorite suede T-strap stilettos, and a jade necklace from my grandma that dates from the 1920s. And a hot guy on my arm, of course.

Now the question is: how do I style the damn dress? The possibilities are all so tempting:

I've mastered the styling shown in the first picture, and can verify it looks good. I also like the look of the big X on the back - and the possibilities shown in the last picture are awfully intriguing. I'm not really feeling the upside-down Y styling, but I'll give it a test run.

Any opinions on which style is best?

I would post pictures of myself demonstrating the various styling options, but I am not that high a caliber of blogger quite yet.

By the way - Though the dress is from Summer 2006, it's still available - in limited sizes and colors - here and here.

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