Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The perfectest purse that ever pursed

I still haven't received my economic stimulus check...which makes me all the more bitter that this beautiful purse costs roughly two gazillion dollars.

[ Botkier Rex Satchel, $695 at Shopbop.com ]


drwende said...

This purse requires in-depth analysis, as it has a 1950s white-glove, L'Air du Temps propriety that I wouldn't have associated with you. Inquiring minds want the full exegesis on the Meaning of the Handbag.

Forever Chic said...

I love the structured look of 1950s purses. What I hate about REAL 1950s purses, though, is that they're usually made of hideous vinyl/pleather. Since this one is rendered in high-quality leather - and in my favorite color to boot - it's an instant winner. I also like how the draped chain adds a tiny hint of rock-and-roll.

Also, there's something about a prim handbag that can punch up nearly any outfit. Plus it would inspire me to wear similarly smart clothes/shoes: pencil skirts, mary janes and such.

Was that analysis satisfactory? :D