Saturday, July 19, 2008

Queen of the desert

Guess what! I'm going to the Burning Man festival this year. The Burning Man Festival is where affluent white people (and hippies) converge on Nevada's Black Rock Desert to do drugs, get naked, and play around with huge art projects/installations/structures. At the end of a week of desert revelry, a big man made out of wood gets torched.

Sounds fun, right? Little old me will be living in a scorching desert (complete with freezing-cold nights) for a week. Luckily, I have a friends with a massive weather- and sun-resistant Moroccan tent where I will sleep and take shelter when the weather gets dicey.

The festival begins at the end of August, and my biggest task is to figure out my food and clothes situation. I'm an old hand at camp food, so that shouldn't be too hard. Clothes are a different story...I want to be comfortable (and covered-up as possible) while looking somewhat presentable.

Shoes are going to be a particularly important area, since I'll be walking or biking around for many hours each day. I will wear sneakers part of the time (I'll probably change into those as the sun goes down each night), but during the day I will most likely need ultra-comfortable, ultra-durable sandals.

Frye sandals look like they have potential. They look rugged, and the brand has a reputation for high-quality leather and good construction. Here are some contenders:

1. Dani metal beads sandal, $60 (sale)
(EDIT: I ordered these, and I guess I bought the last pair or something because the URL doesn't work anymore.)
2. Mary harness thong sandal, various colors, $142

3. Mary beaded edge thong sandal, black or white, $111 (sale)

If you have recommendations for uber-comfy sandals, please do tell. Or yell at me for having my priorities all wrong.


Anne (in Reno) said...

Plan on taking good care of yourself, and especially your feet, out there, Burning Man is legendary for something called Playa Foot (check it out on their website, you can Google it). Cute sandals are awesome, but most of the people there that I know seem to stick with sneakers and try and protect their feet. Last summer there were big rainstorms, which made the dust all turn in to mud. You know about the dust, right? These are alkali flats and the dust is like baby powder. So take lots of fun costumes, but nothing that you're really fond of and couldn't throw away or bleach after a week.

TheMoroccan tent sounds great, but the big thing to worry about out there is dehydration. So not even just water, but Gatorade etc. because you will be low on salt, it can get to the point where you will guzzle salted water (yuck, I know) just to get it back in your system. I would not worry about presentable, clothing-wise, this is the time to have some fun! It gets cold at night in the desert, so one year I had a friend go to a local sex shop and buy a giant bright red faux fur coat to keep her warm at night (and it still went with the rest of other outfits since they were mostly red and shiny). Go look at some pictures, a lot of people don't wear ANYTHING AT ALL. But you want to be protected from the elements (I'm assuming) so check the weather, and remember in Nevada, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. It will be boiling hot, freezing cold, and you can never know for sure that there won't be any thunderstorms. So I don't want to burst your bubble, but it is going to be a long week and I would hate to see those cute shoes become unwearable. That said, sorry to be a party pooper, and I love the second pair, such nice detail!

Anne (in Reno) said...

And I will totally try that parsley idea, thanks!

Forever Chic said...

thanks anne, great advice!

I'm prepared that anything I wear to burning man will be destroyed. :)