Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wouldn't it be lovely... move to San Francisco?

My good friend has been talking about doing just that, and last night I realized I might want to take the plunge as well. Of course, it's not really a plunge since I've worked in SF (while living in Berkeley), many members of my family live in SF or the surrounding area, I'm quite familiar with the city, AND my company has an office in the city where I could work.

Still. Change is terrifying. Change is good.

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drwende said...

Just pin your company down firmly on pay, as SF rents have skyrocketed. A studio now costs roughly what we were paying for a 1-BR two years ago (~$1300), and that's in "lower Nob Hill," aka sort of the Tenderloin. (Cara who posts on AT lives up there, or did -- she's have the inside scoop.)

I've often said that SF is a wonderful place to visit, but increasingly difficult to live if you're not wealthy.

lindsey kathlene said...

yeah, i just got 'laid off' yesterday and am eyeballing SF too as some nice little jobs float around up there. unfortunately they have nice little paychecks that go with them. haven't figured out the rent thing yet. leslie's accounts of going into shared accommodations gives me nightmares.

Forever Chic said...

Lindsey, I'm very sorry to hear you got laid off...but hopefully it opens some doors, eh?

Wende, I hear ya. Luckily my job would automatically give me a 5% raise if I moved there. Not much, but it's something. Also, I'm open to being poor and happy in a fabulous city like SF.