Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

This is the time of year when everyone goes nuts at Nordstrom because fall preview merchndise is discounted for a limited time. I can't say Ive made it to the store yet, and probably won't this weekend, but the website has some promising things.

First, a couple tempting sale items:

I'd like these better if they weren't patent, but they're a cute color and the perfect shape. Linea Paolo for the win, as usual.

[ Linea Paolo Zara Patent Leather Mary Jane, $70 ]

Satin shoes are heartbreaks waiting to happen, but the colors on this one are too pretty to pass up. (Also, I love T-straps so much I'm thinking of wearing them exclusively. I think they would be a pretty rad signature item, dontcha think?) This also comes in equally delicious black and brown versions.

[ Linea Paolo Branson Pump, $75 ]

And now some non-sale items I found when I hopped over to the t.b.d. department:

God, this is so perfect. High-waisted, swingy silhouette, WITH pockets, and it comes in black and this delicious shade of indigo? Sign me up!

[ Hinge High Waist Skirt, $78 ]

When I look at this dress, I see infinite possibilities. It has a funky back, too.

[ French Connection Strappy A-line Dress, $178 ]

Ok, I know ombre (the fading effect) is a trend that will become passe, oh, yesterday, but this dress is super eye-catching and the silhouette is right on. I say: wear the dress, and when you tire of the ombre, chop it off to make a shirt or tunic. Or dye the entire dress another color.

[ Kensie Short Sleeve Shirtdress, $108 ]

Ever since I've jumpd on the skinny jean bandwagon, I've started looking for tops with loose silhouettes that don't make the wearer look pregnant. This may fit the bill. Also: holy cow, a print!

[ Free People Salsa Bilando Scoop Neck Tee, $68 ]

In related Nordstrom news, I was tooling around Norstrom Rack last night before seeing The Dark Knight (great film, BTW) and happened upon these Pour La Victoire pumps, heavily discounted at $99:

I know I'm not the only blogger intrigued by these shoes. The weird part is that they were really comfortable - plus it's so fun to zip yourself into your shoes. I would describe them thusly:
  • Space-age
  • Eye-catching
  • Slightly unflattering in a funky, "I don't give a crap" kind of way.
I have the luxury of having a closet and lifestyle with room for classic, flattering clothes as well as "just for fun " kinds of things, so I thought about getting them for the "just for fun" category, but the store ws closing and I had to get down to the movie theater anyway. Still, they were an interesting find...should I go back and buy them?

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drwende said...

If that zipper pump came in a 2" heel, I'd buy it in a heartbeat -- but for me, that particular look would pass as "classic."