Monday, July 14, 2008

How to stretch $300 at Anthropologie

1. Go to the new Anthro store at UTC mall in La Jolla
2. Raid the sale room.

Yeah, so that's about it.

An Anthro store FINALLY opened near me; I wanted to return the blue purse I ordered online (it was pretty, but way too big for my dainty little self). A field trip was in order. And it.was.AWESOME, as you can tell from this display of my purchases:

The sale room alone was like a mini-Anthro, but with reasonable prices. Usually, Anthro sale rooms feature slightly picked-over duds and crabby shoppers who will scratch your eyes out if you reach for the top they have their eye on, but this sale room was like a serene oasis of excellent deals. Excellent deals organized by color!

I made out like a bandit. Three of the tops above are from the sale room; the remaining top (the deep purple one 2nd from right) and the denim skirt were full-price, but what the hell.

I almost hate to share this secret but seriously, Anthro sale rooms are awesome. At least this Anthro sale room.

(Oh, and here are the sale tops online: one, two, three.)

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