Friday, August 1, 2008

Chop chop

I like my hair, but there's too much of it. It's time to chop it off.

In my mind's eye, my hair looks like this:

In reality, my hair looks more like this:

Kylie's gorgeous as usual, but this cut is so blah. Her hair has the same haphazard waves and wispy ends that mine does. (However, I don't have brown roots. Ahem.)

Problem is, my hair is naturally wavy and the shorter it is, the more curly it gets. I need to either embrace the curl, become really good friends with my flatiron, or get it thermally straightened. Also, I have a lot of hair (especially for a blonde), and when it's short (i.e. unencumbered by gravity), it tends to go north, east, and west - everywhere but south.


Though this cut borders on Helmet Hair, everyone loves Nicole Richie's Fembot Bob. I could pull this cut off if - and this is a big if - I loyally straightened my hair. The qustion is, can I handle the upkeep? And what if a speck of humidity hits the atmosphere, turning my hair wavy?

I don't like the center part on Gwyneth's cut, but if I twisted my hair around my finger (or a curling iron) it could look like this pretty easily. Only problem: a short layered cut like this could really bring out the poofies - but there are products for that. This is definitely a contender.

Lastly, here's Kylie showing us what short and sassy is all about:

I would get this cut in a heartbeat, but my hair stays that straight for, oh, about 30 seconds. I could get my hair thermally straightened, but I know I'd miss my waves if I did.

Also, let me point out that how a cropped cut like this really adds height to petite gals. WIN.

Are there any neato short or medium-length cuts I'm missing?


franki durbin said...

don't do it!! it sounds as though we have very similar hair textures. I've had 'the nicole cut' (which is SO sexy when done right!) but found that due to my wavy texture (which only comes out when I cut my hair shorter) that it was extremely high maintenance. Oddly, the longer my hair is the easier it is to maintain.

my new hair obsession?


Forever Chic said...

Oh Franki, but I want to...

I've actually worn my hair short before. It works, though it does take a lot more upkeep and styling than long hair. I'm ok with that though...might as well give my styling products a workout.

Tonight's the big night I'm getting my hair cut...wish me luck!

drwende said...

So do we get to see photos of the result, hint hint???