Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rediscovering elegant sandals

The other day I saw a woman dashing across the street with the most elegant teal sandals. They had the slightest wedge heel and looked a lot like these:

[Dolce Vita, $55 ]

But as I said, they were teal, not kelly green.

This summer it seems like a significant number of people are abandoning that Southern California staple, the rubber or foam flip-flop, and going for more luxurious styles made of leather. I think we have the gladiator trend to thank for that: even when people aren't going for gladiators per se, the trend has still yielded a lot of elegant styles. I'm a big fan of leather sandals that have the long, elegant T-strap, like in the sandals above. It's so much more chic than big rubber straps cutting across the foot.

Anywho, Dolce Vita seems to have its finger on this trend. I can't vouch for the quality of Dolce Vita's sandals, but these are mighty cute:

I love the little owl on these. So unexpected.

[ Dolce Vita, $60 ]

Franki Durbin highlighted these on her blog, and I've been slightly obsessed with them ever since.

[ Dolce Vita, $85 ]

I think people are also discovering that a good-quality pair of sandals are much more comfortable (and better for your feet) than some crappy pair of shower shoes. Ah, elegance colliding with comfort...ain't it a beautiful thing?


drwende said...

That's a good sign. Maybe this will herald a move back toward grace and decent posture.

I'm not just being cranky and over-35; in my one pair of sandals-that-flop, I move differently myself. The old charm school walk that puts some motion in the ocean CANNOT be done in flip-flops.

franki durbin said...

I so bravely ordered these! Love your selection of sandals. And I agree, it's nice to see some chic flat footwear that isn't the ubiquitout ballet flat. ;)

Forever Chic said...

Wende - yes, I've noticed that too. I like how I walk in ballet flats or heels; less so with flip-flops.

Franki - Glad I could inspire you! Which pair did you buy?

franki durbin said...

Chic, I ordered the gold Cyprus Dolce Vitas... as cute as they can be!

Persian Tea said...

i love sandals like these but my feet are so darn wide that they stick out from the side! so frustrating.

cute though.