Thursday, May 29, 2008


Seems that I'm on a bit of a shoe-buying spree. Summer makes me nervous about shoes because not just anything looks good with shorts, skirts and dresses (while you can hide any old thing under pants and it generally looks ok). Thus, I feel obligated to throw money at the problem.

From left to right: Can you believe this is my first plain black pump EVER? Crazy. I found them at Buffalo Exchange (secondhand store) for $17 - not a bad deal for a real leather pump in perfect condition. And while they have a peep toe and ideally I wanted a closed toe, I wore them with tights today and no one screamed bloody murder, so...they'll do.

Center: Snakeskin Cynthia Vincent flats from Revolve Clothing. They pinch my pinkie toes, so I'm not sure whether to return them or break them in like the appropriately masochistic tool of the patriarchy I am.* Otherwise, they are cute and well-made and I can't wait to tell people I killed a snake and made shoes out of it.

And in front, we have a sort of D'Orsay/Mary Jane hybrid from I just got them today (no points for fast shipping,!). The color's not my favorite, but it's hard to find a brown shoe that's not totally frumpy (a stiletto heel helps), so I think they'll be all right.

And I still have two (two!) pairs of flats coming in the mail. If I can avoid wearing flip-flops all summer, I'll be golden.

*I've been reading a lot of feminist literature recently, can you tell?

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