Sunday, May 25, 2008

Still having a flat moment

Certain bloggers (I'm looking at you, Decorno) have only fueled the fire of my flats obsession. I swear to God, two weeks I couldn't find ANY flats I liked, but - when it rains it pours, apparently. Sam Edelman, $66.90 (comes in lots of other prints also)

I actually tried on this flat (in a different print) at Nordstrom the other day. It's fairly comfortable and well-made. But: is it monumentally stupid to spend $67 on light-colored satin that will probably get grubby if I look at it wrong? Is there some sort of spray/gel/magical elf spit that can protect satin from the elements?

Anyway, besides that concern, this flat is poooooooifect. About 90% of the time I'm either wearing mint green, periwinkle, white or black, so - sha-wing.

Nine West, $40

These are extremely close to the silver flats I wore to death, which is why I like them. Plus they're on sale for $40!

Sam Edelman, $90

I've been ogling these for months but they haven't yet inspired me to actually buy them. I wonder if they're comfortable, if the yellow would work on me, and if the back strap is thick enough to cover the gross red/purple scars on my heels (don't ever wear cheap shoes, kids.) I think I'm gonna wait until they go on sale and then give them a try, if they still appeal.

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