Sunday, May 18, 2008

Did you hear?

DSW now has an online presence, and for a limited time shipping is free. La dee dah.

It seems that selection online is similar to the store's, but if anything it's better. There is more size availability, for one.

The annoying thing about their site is that they only show each shoe in one color, even if it comes in multiple colors. Booo. Anyway, here are my fantasy shopping picks:

(God help me, but I think these are amazing)

JS by Jessica, $60

As a side note, I went to DSW (and Marshalls, and Loehmann's, and Nordstrom Rack) today to try to find a simple pair of black closed-toe pumps for work. Have such shoes attained unicorn status? The closest ones I found were these Taharis, but the store didn't have them in a size 7 in the normal black (not patent) leather. Luckily the website has them, so I may be a-ordering. I nearly bought a $150 pair of Marc Jacobs pumps simply because they came the closest to fitting the bill.

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drwende said...

At least with unicorns, if you're a virgin, you're almost assured one. With black closed-toe work-friendly pumps that aren't patent, you could be the high priestess of the cult of your choice, and still... no shoes for you!

What is WITH the patent leather this season?