Friday, May 16, 2008

BCBG dress mania!

It's finally happened...I got a second job so I can have spending money and contribute decent amounts to savings/investments. As a result, I have a bit more money to play with, and rewarded myself by checking out the BCBG store at the mall. I normally hate mall brands (Bebe, Guess, Victoria's Secret) but for some reason BCBG is, for me, the perfect bridge between mass-market and designer. Their vanity sizing it out of control (I'm a XXS, for instance), but their sales people were perfectly charming and when I went in yesterday they took 15% off dresses that were already deeply discounted, so what the hell.

Here's the first dress - the ubiquitous wrap dress, but in a print I actually like (probably because it's blue). I wore it today and it kept me perfectly cool in this hot weather, so A+++.

The other dress doesn't seem to be on their website...but it's a raspberry-colored satin dress with a deep V neckline, empire waist, and a strip of chiffon at the hem. It's pretty much a cocktail dress and I plan to wear it during nights out, to weddings, and so forth.

Also, BCBG's website is pretty sweet. They sell pieces from the runway collection (I adore this dress, which are fun to ogle if nothing else. I like this skirt, too.

Anyway, thanks BCBG for liberating me from my newfound cash.

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