Sunday, May 18, 2008

More jewelry creations

The heat kept me mostly inside yesterday, and I took advantage of the time to make more jewelry. From L to R:

1. simple earrings made with gold rings and rose quartz. The perfect white T-shirt of the earring world...I like these so much, I'll probably replicate them using beads in various other colors.
2. Silver necklace with tourmaline briolettes and more rose quartz. Rather than having a clasp, you just loop one end over another.
3. A lariat made with rainbow moonstone and tanzanite briolettes.

I still have lots more ideas...dramatic earrings made with green and brown tourmline briolettes, a long necklace made with the remaining rose quartz nuggets, and much more! My confidence keeps increasing as my technique improves, which will mean more bright and bold creations. Stay tuned!

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