Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stuck at work, feel like crap.

My throat is burning, my eyes itch and I feel weirdly hungover. The lack of good sleep and good air is really taking its toll. Maybe I have nothing to complain about - my house is fine and I have the time and money to donate or volunteer.

Still, I can barely sit upright without feeling like I'm going to throw up or keel over.

Needless to say, I am not getting ANY work done. I don't know why people even came to work today. Yeah, we have an important client (supposedly) coming in today, but shouldn't we all be, like, volunteering or something, rather than sitting at our desks and pretending to work?

I called a phone number that wannabe volunteers are supposed to call. No answer. I might just go down to Qualcomm, or give money to the Red Cross from right here at my desk.

This air is like insta-cancer. I hate it.

I'm going to give money to the Red Cross right now so I don't feel like such an asshole.

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