Monday, October 22, 2007

On Fire.

San Diego's on fire...again. The last time this happened, it was 2003 and I was at UCSD. I flew home from a family reunion into a thick cloud of smoke blanketing the city, and classes were canceled for days. I holed up in my dorm room and did art projects to pass the time.

This time, I am safe in Hillcrest, but know plenty of people who have evacuated or otherwise been affected. My old neighborhood, Rancho Penasquitos, is in direct peril.

I went to work today and downtown was practically deserted. Very, very eerie. I'm not sure if I'll go to work tomorrow...the air quality is so poor, I don't even like going outside. This morning I randomly got a nosebleed while sitting in my office. My tender nosicle hates dry air, especially when it's impregnated with dangerous particulates.

Anyway, I am fine, though I may have evacuees (er, friends) coming to stay with me for as long as they need.

I'm tired and just want to go to sleep. This is all a little too much.

The photo I took from my stoop last night. More pictures here. I'm honestly very far from all the action, but the skies are eerie all the same, so I can't stop snapping pictures.

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