Monday, October 29, 2007

In Which I Discover Trash TV Clips on YouTube

I am only slightly ashamed to report that I spent much of this weekend watching Judge Judy clips on YouTube, and enjoying every minute of it. I hadn't really seen Judge Judy clips before this (I'm sheltered, and don't have TV right now), but after some blog linked to an initial clip, I started clicking around and got hooked because this shit's awesome!

Some trashtastic highlights:

This one had me cackling like an idiot. Judge Judy learns the ins and outs of Away messages, then gives the defendant a surprise spelling test.

The two-part tale of a miniature human/budding welfare queen.

All of my childhood fantasies come true. Go, nerd, go!

Judge Judy dishes out some life lessons for a handsome young buck.

And the video that started it all...Judge Judy owning an eBay scammer.

I've been watching so many of these clips, the voice in my head is now the voice of Judge Judy. "I can't heeeeeeeeeeear you!" "I don't believe you!" "That's baloney!"

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