Thursday, October 11, 2007


Very busy day today, and I have a three-day seminar starting tomorrow. I do not know what the seminar is about, or why it has to cut into my "cavorting with attractive men" time, i.e. weekends. However, it is titled "Possibilities Seminar," so perhaps it will open up the possibility of, y'know, not spending a whole weekend inside a hotel conference room.

Anyway, enough cynical wisecracks. I have been working on a thrilling post about FLOKATI RUGS, aka little dead furry sheep, but it's not quite done yet, so here is a samplng of other fantastic stuff I enjoyed having in front of my eyeballs today:

red + blue - at j'adore decor

Artwork by Lindsey Adelman - at Design*Sponge

prints from tracemyface on Etsy - at More Ways to Waste Time

How to...Make a Closet on Wheels - at Apartment Therapy Chicago

drool-worthy blue armchairs on Ebay - at More Ways to Waste Time (side note: I told myself that in my new apartment I would stay away from blue and instead focus on pink, teal and gold. I succeeded - there is very little blue. But Jesus if I don't fall for sky blue all the freakin' time. Case in point: the background on this blog. Someday, I shall have a room that is blue and white, and it shall be grand.)

And the favorite of today...

Craigslist Q&A in the New York Times!

I am a humongous craigslist fan (I can literally thank them for my job, my house, and all my furniture), and I love how populist and candid the founders are. Craig Newmark was on the Daily Show at one point, and the combination of awesome and awesome (him and Jon Stewart) nearly made me cry with joy. Fo' serious.

[image from the New York Times]

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I found on Craigslist my:
first seattle apartment
my fiance
my best friend

I fucking love it.