Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 3 of the Fires

Even in this air-conditioned highrise downtown, the air is smoky and stale. I cannot stop blowing my nose, and have a mini coughing fit every so often. I also have a headache.

Everyone's buzzing about the status of their homes, family and friends. I know I could go home, or go to Qualcomm Stadium to donate supplies or volunteer, but frankly I'm loath to go outside because the air is so disgusting. I could go home to my hermetically sealed apartment and try not to breathe too much...or I could just stay here, checking up on news sites rather than doing any work.

I was going to bring my digicam to work to take pictures, but I forgot. Because of the wind and position of the fires, the worst smoke is toward the ocean and the north...very, very odd. I can barely see the harbor, though I'm practically within walking distance of it.

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