Monday, June 9, 2008

I climbed through this window: UPDATE (not really)

Anne in Reno had many excellent questions regarding my journey through a small window in a non-stretch vintage minidress. Unfortunately, my answers are sure to be unsatisfying:

Did you ever find out what happened?

No. My best guess was that my landlord popped in to check something (he was working on the building's plumbing around the time of the incident.)

Was somebody really in your apartment?

That's my best guess, unless the deadbolt locks itself.

Also, if they locked the deadbolt from the inside, how did they get out?

Good question. My best guess is that my landlord has a key that locks it from the outside; or, the same key I have (which he must also have) can lock it from the outside, but I'm unwilling to test this theory because I don't want to have to crawl through the window again.

So, yeah. The apartment manager never answered my voicemail, and (this is gonna sound weird) my landlord is a cool guy and I don't want to create tension by confronting him about going into my apartment. I know it's illegal to enter a tenant's apartment without notice, but he didn't disrupt anything and locked up on his way out, so I'll let this one slide.

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