Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The funniest NYT street style slide show you will ever see

Saggy pants in their natural habitat.

Bill Cunningham discovers that - gasp! - young men sag their pants. You can see their undies! And they wear shiny belts, too.

Ten years ago, I was in eighth grade and this was already an issue. Teachers would give boys bits of string or twine to wear when they came to class with saggy pants. Even as a teen I thought the look was stupid. It's still stupid, but it's got pretty extraordinary staying power.

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pinkstilettos said...

Yes, Very stupid indeed. Why oh Why would you evn want to mess with this? Constantly pulling your pants up and up again and again all day. And then we don't want to see their underwear and then people make fun of that too. WHY I ask? Ok ok i said enough. Daisy~