Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I do not have elephant feet.

The eggplant-colored flats finally arrived from Shopbop. Beautiful? Check. Well-made? Check. But do they flatter my feet? Nah. I can see why some people insist that peep-toes are the devil. I'm willing to say that a peep-toe high heel is fairly flattering, but a peep to flat is pushing it a little.

Le sigh. Back to the "fun-colored flat shoe" drawing board. However, I did gain some valuable knowledge from this exercise: Ash-brand shoes are wonderful, except when they're supremely ugly.

(Seriously? A satin sneaker high heel? That's practically a crime against humanity.)


muranogirl said...

Here's the problem: most flats are really not that flattering on most. There are some really cute ones out there but once you get them ON they do little for ones foot and don't get me started on how flat shoes do little to accentuate our calves.
Give me a little heel any day : )

Forever Chic said...

I know it. Luckily I have relatively long, skinny legs, so they don't look hideous on me. Plus I always tell myself I'm going for the Audrey Hepburn gamine look :)

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

those are so pretty though! Bummer! I wear flats all the time, but usually under pants; it prevents the cankle-izing effect of wearing them with skirts. With skirts I almost always wear at least a 2" heel.