Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cluster madness!

I'm really into clusters right now - big, exuberant clusters of colorful beads that recall roses, peonies or decorative poufs made out of tissue paper. The jewelry I've made recently (and by recently I mean yesterday and this morning) all incorporate clusters of little rondelles.

First up, we have these "blush" earrings. The idea was to create something subtle and small, but interesting. They remind me of the pink peonies my cousin had at his wedding last weekend. I love how the spinel (the little pink stones) are all slightly different shades of pink.

This next pair of earrings incorporate moss aquamarine briolettes. I initially made a necklace out of the briolettes, but wasn't thrilled with the result, so I dismantled it and made these earrings. The steely blue beads remind me of clouds right before a storm.

Lastly, we have this Big Daddy necklace incorporating a huge rock crystal briolette, smaller rock crystal rondelles, tanzanite briolettes and spinel rondelles in varying shades of plum/pink. I've already tweaked this necklace about 50 times and might adjust it yet again. Maybe it would work better with just a simple chain rather than one that incorporates rock crystal rondelles?

Next weekend, there just so happens to be a gem show coming through San Diego! I'm frickin' excited. I've set aside a few hundred dollars and have assembled a mental shopping list of beads that I'd like. I've never been to a gem show before and I'm not sure what to expect, but at least a few sellers are sure to be offering some nice gemstone strands, right?

[ All "inspiration" pictures courtesy of - except the peony picture, which I took myself.]


drwende said...

Simple chain might indeed be the right answer, since the pendant is so dramatic.

They're all just gorgeous and truly do justice to the floral inspirations. If you pick up the latest Harper's Bazaar, it has cluster-style necklaces, too...

Nymphette Blog said...

I love your blog! I'm also in San Diego :)