Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The case of the $48 T-shirt

One day, years ago, I was browsing some musty Marshalls or Ross store and happened to find a C&C California scoopneck tee like the one above, in deep teal. Being unfamiliar with the brand, I was attracted by the color (my very favorite color, for those keeping track at home) as well as the luxurious soft fabric and the flattering cut. It's become one of my favorite tops.

As far as I can tell, C&C California shirts are woven from the hair of magical ponies. The fabric has a smooth, brushed feel, doesn't pill, and is heavier than other T-shirts. The colors are to die for, and the styling is cute: I love me a scoopneck and an elbow-length sleeve.

Anyway, in the spirit of finding out what works for me and doing more of that, I bought the tee above (in electric blue, of course), as well as the "Vavoom" tee (the V-neck version) in a pretty grape purple. This comes after realizing that many of my "basic" tees are stained, ugly, too short, etc. and should probably go in the trash, pronto.

(And yes, $48 is a lot for a T-shirt, but my teal C&C California shirt has shown exactly zero signs of wear in the couple of years I've been enthusiastically wearing it, so...good value. Yeah.)


lindsey kathlene said...

ever since tissue-thin t-shirts came into vogue for layering, a decent weight tee that is also feminine has been tough to find. thanks for the heads up. (though i might just be on the lookout at marshall's instead to try to score a deal)

Anne (in Reno) said...

I have always been incredibly curious about this brand while still being too timid to spend $50 on a t-shirt. So thanks for the tip-off.