Sunday, November 18, 2007


Last night I was bored so I started playing around on ShopStyle. ShopStyle is dangerous because it lets you browse many online stores from a simple interface, so you find 50 clothing items you MUST HAVE in, like, 30 seconds.

I created a fatty stylebook full of goodies, and then I set about arranging them into Looks (outfits). But I wasn't very familiar with the interface, so I accidentally erased most of my saved items. Oops! I partially recreated my stylebook, but haven't quite reconstructed its former glory. Check it out here, if you would like to see lots of short dresses, henleys, and high heels (especially Dolce Vita high heels).

My current crush is this blue silk Armani Exchange tunic dress, a steal at $89. It would be a fantastic holiday dress. Of course, I already have a holiday party dress. Do I need another one? Nah,'s so purdy! And on sale! And it wouldn't be OMG SHORT on me because I'm a great deal shorter than models!

Should I get it?

Edit: In light of the ShopStyle representative's sweetness , I edited the bitchiness out of this post.

Edit2: Seriously, I need this dress. I think I'll buy it tonight.

Edit3: Dress bought, in size 2 and 4 because I have no idea what size I am in Armani Exchange's world.


ShopStylist said...

I've put some items back in your stylebook that might have been accidentally deleted. Let us know if you have any other missing items or suggestions for our interface, ideally without the profanity.

drwende said...

Of the similar dresses posted, it's by far the best combo of fabric and price. If you can afford it and have somewhere to wear it, you have a positive moral duty not to let $89 silk get away.