Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Faces of Shopbop, Part 3

This Shopbop model caught my eye from the moment she appeared on the site. She's like a vaguely Asian Neve Campbell, except Neve Campbell takes her clothes off in movies, and this model flaunts them on camera. Smashing!

The photo in the middle of the bottom row of the collage is my favorite. It's so, "Oh shit guys, I heard my dad's car in the driveway! Hide the weed!"

Also, this model looks to the right a lot. What was over there, the catering table? Musta been the catering table.

Here she is looking embarrassed while wearing a truly hideous outfit. Note to shopbop stylists: don't ever pair white shoes with black tights again, or I will loudly opine that y'all are smoking crack.

Whoa! Maybe I spoke too soon! Is she wearing a trash bag? And did she stick her legs through the neck of my nightshirt? Because that shit ain't cool. Also, check out her wonky eyes (click for big). Girl's coming down from a three-day bender, I can tell. Maybe that explains the trash bag plus upside-down nightshirt combo.

Meanwhile, the sultry brunette is still undressing me with her eyes. It's cool though, I'm wearing my assless chaps tonight.

"I cut you."

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dianamuse said...

You just got yourself a(nother) devoted reader. I'm here via your astute editorializing at decorno. Love it here, too!

Forever Chic said...

welcome, diana! :D