Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Diversion

So far, the most fun I've had all day came courtesy of Jezebel. They have a poll up seeing who's really the sexiest guy alive (which of course is not actually Matt Damon, because People has its head up its ass).

I voted for Christian Bale. Runners up: Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig.

Hotties that didn't make the shortlist. Uh, don't read this list if you don't want confirmation that I'm a total perv.

- Taye Diggs
- Olivier Martinez
- Daniel Radcliffe (shut up, I like them young)
- Ewan McGregor (preferably in a kilt)
- Jeremy Piven
- Jake Gyllenhaal
- Adrian whats-his-name on Entourage (you know, the starring guy with pretty eyes)
- And flying in from right field: Timothy Oliphant. He was such a hot drug dealer in "GO." Also, Taye Diggs is in that movie. Sigh.

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