Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gratuitous Handbagging

I admit, I'm not a huge handbag person. At the moment, I'm lugging around a small chocolate-brown Nine West satchel, and I'm totally guilty of carrying it even when my shirt/shoes are black. Oh god, the horror.

However, even though I walk around like a handbag Don't most of the time, I like to think I can recognize a nice piece of work when I see it. So here are a few handbags you can take home to your mother, your in-laws, your AA sponsor, etc.

Most, if not all, are leather. If leather if not your style, I'm sorry, but let's face it -- leather wears better than plastic or nylon or tofurkey skin or whatever people make vegetarian handbags of these days.

If you like these bags, please, by all means, shed praise on me. If you hate them, then compile your own list, and thank your lucky stars I am not a handbag designer.


Things That Inspire said...

I am a big handbag fan too. I have refined my approach in the past few years, though, based on the fact that I do not like to change handbags very often. I buy one very nice handbag every 4 years or so, and it is usually black or brown. It also helps that I have a sister who buys fantastic handbags (Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and so on) and gets tired of them after a year! She hands down her cast-offs, and it makes me feel like I have something new.

drwende said...

You've just demonstrated that if I should happen to gripe about not being able to find my favorite squat-purse-sits-flat style, I have only myself to blame, as the options are legion.

Forever Chic said...

Things that Inspire-
I am so, so jealous. My sister is even more hippie/crunchy than me and wouldn't touch Gucci with a ten-foot pole, but to her credit she did give me a cool Japanese bag that I really like.

I know, right? ShopStyle makes is so easy to find fab stuff. So dangerous to the pocketbook.