Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Sweater! It Eludes Me!

I'm on a mission to find a decent drape-front cardigan, and it's driving me bonkers. I've been Windows Shopping (thanks Wende/smallcitybeth) for what feels like hours, and haven't found much of anything.

I figure a drape front cardigan will flatter my small frame and make me look like an Olsen twin, but in a chic way, not a rabid hobo sort of way. Plus it will be ideal for throwing on and off at will. I already have this picture of myself perched at my desk, wrapped up and looking chic and rosy-cheeked - rather than freezing my ass off as usual.

My requirements: not too long in the back; probably a dark color so it doesn't make me look big; no wool blends because I'm allergic. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Apparently so.

I like this one from Shopbop, but of course it's only in white and size Large. Sigh.

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smallcitybeth said...

Ooh, if you can find it in the right color and size somewhere, it looks great! (There's gotta be a way...) I just tried googling "draped cardigan", which I'm sure you've done. There were loads of hits, but so far nothing nearly as pretty as the one you've shown. Sigh. good luck!