Friday, November 16, 2007

Only in Hillcrest

The Scene: Hillcrest Rite Aid, 9pm

The characters:

1. The Red Head - a 30-ish deranged redheaded guy with red back hair springing out of the back of his t-shirt (ew) and wearing stained pajama-type clothes.

2. The cashier - a male of indeterminate age with a big dragon tatooed on his arm; appeared to be mildly retarded.

The Red Head is buying a handle of vodka and the cashier is ringing up his purchase.

THE RED HEAD: Hey, I like your tattoo!

CASHIER (slurring, moving slowly): Thanks!

THE RED HEAD: Hey, do you have any tapes? Like for a VCR?

CASHIER: Yeah, they're over there. (points vaguely to the back of the store)

THE RED HEAD: Do you have any gay porn?

CASHIER: Yeah, it's in probably in the back too.

THE RED HEAD: Cool! I love my gay porn! I figured you'd have it here!

At this point the Red Head refuses to leave and starts aggressively hitting on the cashier, who gets flustered and tells the Red Head to leave.

Somehow through all of this my date and I (yeah I take dates to Rite Aid, don't judge me) managed not to laugh.

Ok, I didn't retell the story very well but it was bizarre and quite funny.

Sadly, Rite Aid in Hillcrest doesn't actually carry gay porn. I don't think.

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