Monday, October 6, 2008

Fug or fab: Matiko 'Bailey' pump

Pros: gray color, classic Mary Jane silhouette, comfy-looking elastic strap.
Cons: patent leather, and a strap that looks like a seatbelt for your feet.

Are these a cool modern twist on the classic Mary Jane, or are they fug? I'm torn, honestly.

[ $139 at Zappos ]


drwende said...

I've been torn on the merits of round-toed Mary Jane-styled heels since they appeared circa 2005.

On my feet, they're fug, but I've seen these look fabulous on other people. I think they require a body that runs curvy rather than angular (and it's possible to be curvy while thin -- it's shape, not bulk).

Anne (in Reno) said...

See, having long legs plus curves, I find round-toed mary janes to be wonderfully flattering. I have a similar pair in black leather (my flamenco shoes) and they look great on me. Plus big points for a strap across the foot instead of high on the ankle. If they fit my lifestyle a little more, I would be all over these (also, patent leather I would usually say no to, but gray looks so good to me right now).

lsaspacey said...

I agree with Anne, that the gray helps the patent, but I still say no to patent on principle.

Otherwise, the shoe IS cute.