Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I hate buying coats. First of all, I can't stand wool - it's just too scratchy. Secondly, it's really hadto find a style that's warm, but doesn't swallow me whole. Slightly cropped/shrunken styles look good, but they're not that warm.

Enter this coat:
First, let me say that I loathe the sleeves and would have them altered to be a normal full-length or three-quarter sleeve.

I love everything else: the 100% cotton construction, color, subtle asymmetry and nipped-in waist are all major turn-ons.

However, it's out of stock at Revolve. I asked them about it, and they said there are no plans to ever have it in stock. Boo! (why is it on the website, then? To taunt people like me?)

I Googled around like a madwoman without turning up a thing. Then I figured I'd go into super-rabid-shopper mode and put in a request for a special order from the manufacturer. What the hell, right?

In the meantime, I stalked other coats.

Oh hey. What's this at Anthropologie?

It's the exact same coat, but in black - and only black.

If it was any color but black, I'd buy it in a second.

This gives me hope that the manufacturer can fill my special order. Come on! My chilly little self is counting on you!


porter hovey said...

Ohhh! It's just too cute!

lsaspacey said...

Well, that definitely means they shipped it to more than one retailer (probably in different "exclusive" colors). Hopefully they can just direct you to another store instead of charging you extra for a one-up design.

pinkstilettos said...

Love this coat. It is cute! Have you tried looking on ebay? They usually have everything.