Sunday, October 5, 2008

From the "can't wait for it to go on sale" files

Scrollwork blouse, $88

The last time I was at Anthro I spotted this from across the room and wouldn't let myself try it on because I knew I would take it home. Gotta bide my time until it goes on sale.

By the way, Anthro's proven to be a great source for basic, everyday skirts. I've bought two from there so far (both full price, oh well) but I wear them all the time. They'e both the Holy Grail of skirts: sharp enough for work, comfy and easy enough for play. And they flatter my petite body and butt/thighs. Heaven.

Also, I treated myself to these rings, which are lots of fun. At 9 for $48, they weren't too pricey.

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