Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hell has frozen over

Forever 21 now has cashmere-blend sweaters.

Cashmere. Forever 21. The world is a crazy and amazing place.

[ The sweater above is this one; browse other cashmere-blend styles at the store here. ]

PS. I bought the leather jacket, because the white coat of my dreams is absolutely not available, anywhere. Boo!


Anne (in Reno) said...

Um, just because it's cheap cashmere, doesn't that just mean it will be, um, cheap? As in, poor quality, not lasting, pilling and not worth the $$? Or maybe that's just my experience with cheap Banana Republic cashmere. Sigh.

drwende said...

Whoa! Their cardigans look to have truly long sleeves, too... I may have to be open-minded about personal applications of F21.

Good call on the leather jacket. You had me drooling over biker gear at Everyday People (thrift, near U of MN), but nothing fittable had a waist.

Forever Chic said...

Anne - certainly a valid concern. I'll be reporting on how my sweater holds up. Can't really complain about a super-soft $25 sweater, though. It's basically the same price as cheap acrylic, and much nicer.

DrWende - yes, the sleeves are plenty long, and the sweater itself is long.

I checked out the leather sections at some thrift stores and was horrified by all the smelly, 80s leather jackets I came across - it sounds like you had better luck!

Dina said...

I just bought one of these and was pleasantly surprised at the softness and fit. I didn't think about how it will hold up after washing..any tips on the best way to wash it?