Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Biker chic

I find myself madly in the love with leather bomber jackets all of a sudden. I think something clicked when (I am not afraid to admit this) I saw Serena rocking one on Gossip Girl.

My theory: the snappy strap thing at the collar just looks so cool when it's flapping around. Much cooler than, say, a set of lapels.

Anyhoo, I popped into Forever 21 for some white t-shirts after work - and lo and behold, they had this very serviceable black jacket for $99:

[ $99.80, forever21.com ]

Would I be seriously slumming it if I purchased my leather from F21? Cuz I really liked the jacket on. Only thing is, I'd be tempted to run it over in my car a few times to give it that authentic tumbled leather look.

The black is a little stark on me, so I came home and searched for similar jackets in brown, gray and dark blue. Sadly, they seem to barely exist, especially at the price point that's realistic for me.

Pretty, but too pricey. And I prefer a plain zipper over those buttons.

[ $340, UO ]

A very similar, but cheaper, option at Urban Outfitters.

To Urban Outfitters' credit, they have a nice little line of pleather options (if skin ain't your thing) as well as a single dark blue leather jacket in a so-so style.

I hear that cognac shoes are all the rag this season - so where are the cognac leather jackets?

And gray, for that matter. Just something a shade lighter than black would do.

The hunt continues...

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drwende said...

Slumming is "in."

Many of the more expensive brands have preserved their profit margins by reducing their quality to F21 levels without lowering prices in tandem. At least with F21, you get what you pay for.