Thursday, September 11, 2008


As if by magic, I brought two pairs of unwanted shoes into Buffalo Exchange, and they transformed into one pair of the coolest BCBG Max Azria pumps EVAR*.

The real question: how old are these babies? If, as I suspect, they are from the 90s, will I sound like an idiot if I call them "vintage"?

Closeup of my new favorite shoesies:

* Does anyone else get a charge when the finicky buyers at Buffalo Exchange actually accept your stuff? It's like being let into an exclusive club.


drwende said...

Gorgeous shoes!

I'd hesitate to call them "vintage," though, as 1990s high heels were almost always stilettos. That heel style, toe shape, and sole construction says "2006" to me.

Forever Chic said...

ah, yes, you're probably right. The metal parts aren't holding up very well, though, which tripped me up.

Elizabeth said...

I'm a new your blog!

About the shoes, they are actually quite new. They are from about 2 seasons ago. I tried them on at a BCBG boutique (not outlet) last winter. Great deal though, I love them!